how to boost your brand or blog with pinterest

how to boost your brand or blog with pinterest

333-sydneyHello! My name is Sydney and I’m the latest (and arguably, greatest) intern to join the 333marketing team. I’m currently in my last year of college at the University of Florida, where I study journalism. Besides my love of writing and serious addiction to the Internet, I can usually be found re-watching every episode of Arrested Development or Parks and Recreation on Netflix.

When Becky asked me to write my first blog post, I instantly knew what I wanted to talk about. I’m a lover of social media all around, but one of my favorite outlets has to be Pinterest. Not only is Pinterest an amazing place to search for a pumpkin pancakes recipe (or a workout routine to burn off said pancakes) it’s an amazing place to promote you and your brand. For me, it’s where I promote my blog. Which happens to be Sydney Luella, if you’re interested.

Although I’m still relatively new to the blogosphere, having a strong presence on Pinterest has been a huge asset for me. It has consistently been my number one driver of traffic. If you’re a newcomer to the Pinterest game, or looking for ways to step it up, here are a few of my tips to making the most out of the best (again, this is arguable) social media site:

1. Pin, pin, pin!

This might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many companies pin a few things and then walk away. To get the most out of Pinterest, building a strong following is essential. The best way to do this is to pin up a storm! Create boards of relevant topics that you know your target audience will love. Also, creating fun seasonal boards is a great way to jump up your numbers. I recently made a Halloween board that gave my following a really big jump! Although it’s not directly relevant to my blog, it’s a popular theme that people love to pin.

2. Join a group board

Pinning all day everyday just not working for you? Join a group board! Group boards are a great way to get exposure to lots of different pinners at once. They’re relatively easy to join, or you can even start one yourself! I recently started a group board for bloggers that now has almost 1,500 followers. This way people can easily re-pin your content and get it exposed to a whole new audience.

3. Leave (nice) comments on other pins

This is a great way to get your brand out there, but be careful with it. No one wants their pins to be spammed. Leaving a nice comment on a pin creates a sense of like-mindedness. This will typically make the other person interested in your profile and what you might be pinning too.

That’s it! Another beautiful thing about Pinterest is how easy it is to use. It’s also proof that, when promoting you, your brand, or your blog graphics (or visuals of any kind, really) can go a long way! However fun Pinterest may be, becoming an avid pinner has actually taught me lots of valuable lessons about marketing. What makes someone re-pin this but not that? I’m determined to find out!

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